1 ) The hall that you have for your Wedding, make sure you ask questions on how the air conditioning is , you want to make sure all your guest don't get over heated . Even if your hall does have air , you may want to think about bringing in a few fans to place by the dance floor .

2) If you are having your Ceremony outside , bring some bottled water for your guest

3) Music can sometimes be really sensitive to some ears , it's always good to place the older people at the back of the room , and put the young lads in front of the DJ .

4 ) When planning your Jack & Jill , don't wait till the last minute to book your DJ , you may have a hard time finding one especially if its in the middle of Wedding season .

5) When it is time for speeches , and you are holding the Wireless Mic , make sure you are holding it close to your mouth , and not at your stomach .

6) Some halls will provide a basket that it set in the bathroom , with mints , toothpicks , spray , you can out what ever you like . Make sure your hall provides this , if they do not , pick something up for your guest to place in the bathroom .

7) Wedding seating charts , I see this a lot where , the names are printed onto a 8 1/2 x 11 paper , and it's hard for the older people to read . Try to make it big enough for them to read . 2ft x 3ft

8) Make sure your MC or DJ announces where the Washrooms are , and where you can smoke or drink , and what time the bar opens and closes . This happens a lot and nobody announces , and then the bar shuts down ,meanwhile your guest really wanted to have a drink before dinner .

9) If you have rented a Limo or even a classic car , it's a nice touch to have a red carpet for when the bride gets out of the limo . Also this helps from her dress not getting dirty .

10) Very Very Very important that the Bride & Groom gets lots of sleep the night before. It's going to be a very long day . Your Wedding party should be taking care of all your needs . The DJ wants to see you on the dance floor, and so does your guest.

11) Good idea to go out and buy glow in the dark necklaces , bracelets . Or even some blow up toys . This brings more people to the dance floor . ​​ You can buy a lot of these items at the dollar store

Pump It Entertainment Wedding Tips 
12)  Bride and Groom and Wedding party feet may get sore during the Evening  with all the dancing , bring some slippers for the Ladies , and for the guys , buy some Black Running shoes to put on later in the evening
13)  At your Ceremony , ask the person that is Marrying you if they can announce to your guest where cocktails will be , and what time they will be starting . Sometimes this does not get announced and guest have no idea where to go .  Nice touch would be to post on a sign at the hall , maybe even on your Seating chart,  what time cocktails will be from and what time dinner will be starting .  If you like you can even post what time different events will be happening throughout the night .  For example Bouquet Toss or garter / Late night table . 
14) Playing the right music for you and your guest  is a must . So when you send out your invite to your guest , have a link to my website , where guest can request music , also have a note saying text message the DJ during the evening with my phone # 
15) If you are planning on having your Wedding in a Tent , bring Bug Spray . Also if it's a Windy day , make sure you have all the sides of the tent closed as you do  not want everything to blow over on your table . 
16)  Your guest may end up drinking a bit too much , so you want them to get home safe at the end of the night . Have your MC or DJ announce where they can find the information to get you home safe . Usually the bartender will have all this for you .  If your Wedding is ending at 1 am , have them announce it at 12:00 because in most cases it can take up to 45 mins for DD to arrive at the Hall . Another good Idea is to rent a Bus for your guest . Do a couple of trips bus trips during the night