Jack & Jill Game Ideas

Here are some great game ideas that are an awesome way to raise money at your jack & jill..........these are great games because they do not cost alot of money to create, they are fun and are easy to execute..................if you have any other ideas that you have discovered feel free to email me

50/50 Draw, crown & anchor, blackjack, poker…………

Crazy Jokers:(Sell them at the door as people arrive)
52 Cards shuffled. Tape each card on bristol board face down. Guests purchase cards for $2 or $3 each. Write guests name with magic marker on back of card. When all cards are purchased you then turn each one over. The individuals possessing the Jokers win $20 each.

Toonie or Loonie Toss: (great game played throughout the evening)
There is a special prize of your choice placed on the floor. The choice of prize should be of decent value. Tape a line about 10 feet away from the prize, people toss toonies to try and get their toonie closest to the prize. The person with then toonie closest to the prize when the game is ended wins the prize.  Make this game a bit harder letting them know they are no allowed to slide the Toonie , they can only toss it .

Putting Game: (great game played throughout the evening)
Players pay $2.00 to purchase three golf balls, they must putt the balls on the green to try and score points, the person who scores the highest amount on each putt gets their name on the board and the person with the highest score at the end of the night wins a grand prize. People can play as many times as they like for $2.00 a round.

The Canadian Tire Money Guessing Game:
You must first accumulate a whole whack of Canadian Tire money...ask family and friend to chip in. Once you count up the total amount then you can prepare for this game. You make up a page with two columns. Column 1 has the person's name, column two has a suggested dollar amount for the contestant to wager their guess. You can charge $1 per guess or 7 for $5. At the end of the night the person who has written down their name beside the actual correct amount (or closest to) wins the Canadian Tire loot, must be at least $75.00 in Can Tire money

The $100 giveaway:
First your need a crisp $100 dollar bill. Display the bill in a plastic sheet on the table where you are selling the guesses. You must conceal the serial number of the bill by placing a strip of bristol board at the bottom to cover it up. You will have a an approx. 34 X 12 inch bristol board on the table with approx. 100 squares. In those squares are mock serial numbers of the $100 bill. Only one square has the real number. Each person who pays ($5) for a guess writes their name in the square. Announce the winner towards the end of the night

Musical jello shot Chairs
This game is played with the help of shooters, usually Jell-O. The more entrants you have the more drinking the winner does. As musical chairs goes... you sit when the music stops, but , there are not enough chairs. The people that find a chair will get to drink a shooter until one person is left and they win a prize or get more shooters. The usual entrance fee for this is five bucks. You make the Jello shooters light so people don't get too out of co
Dressing up the Groom
This is a great game to raise alot of money , and get alot of laughs . First you half to raise $50.00 and the Groom will half to get his nails done, Then you raise $100.00 and he has to put on a dress. After that raise up to $200.00 The Bride will then half to take the garter off his leg with her teeth and then the  Groom will  have to throw the Bouquet to all the Singles Guys Next raise up to $250.00 and he will then half to put on makeup . After that raise it up to $300.00 and he will half to get his legs & Chest Waxed !
Fish Insurance Or Pie Insurance 
When your guest arrive , you ask them if they would like to buy  insurance . You can charge  $2.00 per person . If they do not want to buy the insurance write down their name on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. At the end of the night draw a name from the bowl and whoever name you pull out will half to eat the fish or get a pie int he face.  Now if you want to see the Bride & the Groom eat a fish or get a pie in the face , you get a jar out on the table , mark a black line around the jar , ask everyone for loonies and toonies to fill the jar, once it's past the line the Bride & Groom half to eat a fish ! or get a Pie in the face.

Fish Game
This is a fun game for all your guest . You will need to get a couple of plastic Tubes shape of like a Easedroff . Approx 3 ft long , put some water in the containers and drop your fish behind the starting line. You will need to block them off so they dont get a head start.  Now all you need is Two people and Two Straws and Two fish .  You can collect $3.00 for the fish game for each person . Now that your ready,  start blowing the fish to the other side of the container whoevers fish gets to the other side first wins , and your name will go in a bowl , at the end of the night we draw the name and he wins a prise !

Jail Game
This is a fun game for all your guest . You will need to rent this out . The jail cell is made out of wood and can usually fit about 6 to 8 people inside . For $5.00 you can send anyone to jail . Once in Jail you cannot Drink / Talk / or Text Message , and you half to stay in their for 15 min . To  keep your guest preocupied in jail you can buy stuff for your guest to put in the Jail cell , to keep them entertained, such as , blow up animals , feathers , basically whatever you want . Now if you want to get out of jail early , you half to pay another $5.00 . Lot's of fun and makes great pictures for later .
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Prize Box
Unique prize box as a fundraiser! It comes with 300 keys and you sell the keys to your guests. At a certain point in the evening, guests try their keys, everyone knows when the winner opens the door...there is a light on top and a siren! The lucky ducker wins the prize inside! Message us to see if it is available for the date you need. $50 rental plus tax! Call here for more info   ( 905 ) 728-6619

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Beer Pong
Few games are so well-known and well-liked across college campuses as Beer Pong, which is also known as Beirut Party. While technically a drinking game, beer pong requires a great deal of skill and a little luck, and it can be enjoyed by just about anybody of legal age. Want to master the art of beer pong , Visit this Website for Instructions on how to play http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Beer-Pong
Beer Caps 
Get a bunch of beer caps and put them in a jar . For only a $1.00 your Guest can Guess how many Beer caps are inside . The Winner is the person that is Closest to the Final number without going over . They will win a Prize
Balloon Stomp  
Get a bunch of balloons together , and tie some string to the end of the balloon .  For $5.00 they can join the game . The DJ will play a song , and the objective is to stomp on everyone's balloon . The last one to still have there balloon still wrapped around there ankle wins the prize 
Nail in the Log
Go out and get a log , make sure it's sturdy , and flat at the bottom and the top . Get a bunch of nails and a hammer .  $2.00 per nail  guest will have to hit the nail into the log . Count how many times it takes them to fully get the nail into the log . The one that got the nail into the log the least amount of times , wins a prize . 

squat with  24 of beer 
Grab your self a 24 of beer . Now have them pick up the case , and now squat , start timing them . Who ever Squats the longest , will get a prize . ​
Grab two jars , one for the Groom and one for the Bride .  Have your guest put money in the Jar , every time they put money in they get to write a DARE that the Bride or the Groom has to do . Once you have raised $25.00 , pull out a Dare out of the jar . The  Bride or Groom that got the $25.00 first has to do the Dare . Once the DARE is done , raise another $25.00 the DJ will announce that the dare will be even better then before , this way raising more money ! ​